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Women's soccer development

Ladies'Turn is a Senegalese association created in 2009 by Seyni Ndir Seck, former captain of the Senegalese National Football Team and current president of the Senegalese Women's Football Federation, and her friend Jennifer Browning. The association aims to promote women's soccer not only as a sport in its own right but also as a tool to promote gender equality. It supports young girls in their desire to live from their passion for soccer.

In 2009, more than 400 players participated in Ladies' Turn tournaments and leagues in Dakar and Saint Louis. In 2010, Ladies' Turn brought women's soccer to the villages by organizing tournaments in the Kaolack region for 500 girls. Ladies' Turn stepped up a gear for 2011, the year of the Women's World Cup, by including teams from four regions in the competition: Dakar, Saint Louis, Kaolack and Fatick. And it does not intend to stop there, constantly innovating for the promotion of women's soccer in Senegal.

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