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 Awareness of waste management
by women

Green Track is an association created by a young entrepreneur from Tripoli with a Master's degree in Sustainable Development. The objective of this innovation is to improve waste management in Lebanon, while employing unemployed women in Tripoli, in the neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen, which has been severely affected by recent conflicts. The stakes are high because Lebanon is currently experiencing a waste crisis. Between open-air dumps and waste in the middle of the city or by the sea, air and water pollution is important and endangers the environment and the quality of life of the Lebanese.


In the Jabal Mohsen neighborhood, women, very often affected by unemployment, lack the legitimacy and the tools to improve the situation. By empowering them to act in their community and fight against the problem of waste, while offering them a professional opportunity, Green Track acts as a pioneering innovation in this country.

Green Track's action is articulated in two activities: a waste collection and sorting system in the Jabal Mohsen neighborhood and a household and individual awareness-raising activity by women to help Lebanese city councils and companies to set up recycling programs.

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