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APPS & GIRLS, Tanzania

Promoting technology for girls

Apps&Girls is a social enterprise based in Dar Es Salaam whose goal is to promote technology among girls so that they have the capacity to innovate for a world of their own.


Today, it operates in several regions of Tanzania and is looking to expand throughout Africa with programs in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya.

Apps&Girls has developed new programs to reach all generations of women. Thus, workshops in computer science and robotics are still offered to young girls, in addition to events such as hackathons or summer camps on computer science to expand their skills. In addition, the association has set up the "Adelace" program for unemployed women with technology and computer science degrees to further their knowledge.


Since 2018, there is also the "JOVIA" program, which supports young girls who have dropped out of school or come from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with all the skills they need to work in STEM or to start a tech company. Finally, the association offers incubation and mentoring programs.

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